2 February – Day 37:

This will be my last post. A quiet day spending time in and around the Cathedral and Santiago. Last night had a nice meal – decided not to order the favourite around here – Galacian octopus! Not sure if I would have managed it.

Not sure if this will be my last Camino or not. There are a couple more worth considering. The Camino via La Plata, sometimes called the interior Camino, starts in Seville, in the far south and goes north along old Roman roads to Santiago. But it is 1000 kms and would take too long. Another is the Le Puy route, which goes from Le Puy, in the middle of France to St Jean Pied de Porte, the traditional starting point of the French Camino. It doesn’t actually go to Santiago. Other routes are smaller. I will wait and see what the year brings. It may also be time for a break from these Camino’s

Thank you for reading this blog. Hope you enjoyed it. The final shots are taken inside the Cathedral.

6 thoughts on “2 February – Day 37:

  1. These pictures are beautiful! What a journey you have been on and the wonderful things you have seen. You are amazing Fr. Ron. Keep enjoying life to the fullest.


  2. Hi Ron
    If you ever decide you might want to walk some or all of the Le Puy route, feel free to contact me, though my info will be ‘old’ by now. The beginning section from Le Puy to Conques is especially beautiful and interesting, though there are interesting places all the way to SJPP.
    Margaret Riordan


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