31 January – Day 35:

Great to be finally be waking up in Santiago de Compostela.  I tried to imagine what is was like for pilgrims for over a thousand years who have arrived here. It must have been the end of a wonderful and very tiring and dangerous journey.  Personally I believe this is the true end of the journey, not the add-ons of Finisterre and Muxia.

I hope to spend the next 3 days exploring the Cathedral and the city. There will be much to see.

But 1st some practicalities. Some time at a laundromat. Also a much needed haircut. Catching up on emails and all that is happening back home. Some quiet reflection on all that has happened.

One of the people that holds all this together is a tall, softly spoken Norwegian called Ivar Rekve. He runs an Internet forum that most Camino folk have heard of and use, with various threads that cover almost any subject that can be thought of re the Camino. Ivar was my 1st stop as he has a small Office near the Cathedral. I guess he does his internet work there but he also holds parcels for pilgrims to collect. When I arrived in Spain I posted him a small parcel with a change of clothes. To store it with Ivar cost me 5 Euro. I asked a few questions and thanked him for all he does for us.

Today was a really cold day in Santiago. I am leaving here on Saturday, taking the train to Madrid, then to the airport, then a flight to Dubai, Auckland and home.

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