30 January – Day 34:

I am staying in a pension once again. What would have been a good start was marred somewhat when I woke up. I had set my iphone on recharge overnight. But when I awoke it seemed that both the power socket and my conversion adapter seemed different. Like something was missing. I looked for the missing bit. Turned the rom upside down but could find nothing. Thought I had destroyed someone’s property plus my own. Couldn’t work it out. Didn’t know whether to mention it or not as I didn’t think my host would be able to help. At breakfast my host gave me several shells from Finesterre and a prayer card. Went back to my room ready to leave and decided to have a last look at the powerpoint socket. It looked different. Then I realised why. Half my conversion adaptor was stil inside it! I had a little difficulty getting it out as it was connected to live power but managed. Then I put the 2 parts of my conversion adapter together again and all was well.

The bus left at 11.45am so there was some waiting.  I had a walk around Finisterre.  It was market day and the 3rd day of gorgeous weather. The bus trip took 3 hr 15 min. It goes around all the bays and only heads inland towards the end. The bus stops half way and you change busses for the final half. A little  scary last year when it stopped on a lonely wharf at 9pm and I was asked to get off the bus!

I arrived at Santiago about 3.15pm and made my way to the old town. Without wifi and my Vodafone allowance almost used I was unable to book ahead so am going to stay where I have previously. I hope to do the essential things next, eg book transport to Madrid, and then experience Santiago.


4 thoughts on “30 January – Day 34:

  1. Hi Fr Ron. Great to read your blogs of the last few days and great that you had gorgeous weather for the past few days. Enjoy you day exploring the sights and sounds of Santiago. Take care. Audrey


  2. Hi Fr. Ron, glad to know that you made it. Liked reading your blogs and the enclosed pictures. Especially the one you having your evening tea in Santiago. What a relief on your face. Enjoy touring Santiago. Take care and God’s Blessings, Marjon


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